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Phone: 941 43 68 66

Cordero Maquinaria

About us and our workshops



Maquinaria Cordero has a tradition of manufacturing in the design and assembly of bottling lines. We began in the 1970s, developing machinery for wineries in La Rioja. Now we have expanded our business to different European markets.

We can solve any problem requiring automation for filling, labelling and capping all types of liquids: Beers, wines, spirits, sparkling wines and strong spirits; as well as perfumes and cosmetics.

Our desire for excellence knows no bounds as we introduce new production techniques every day.




In extensive warehouses in Alberite, just a few kilometres from Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, we have our workshops where we design and produce all the machinery we install in the plants of our customers.

We have departments for design, stainless steel welding, CNC router as well as for the pneumatic processes in our machinery.

At Maquinaria Cordero, we place great importance on the quality of the materials we work with, so we continually evaluate them before use to guarantee their total quality.



Our company manufactures Capping and Filling machines as well as Capping machines. We also specialise in the production of bottle Rinsers, Washers and Sterilisers.

To complete our bottling line, Cordero also manufactures capsule Distributors, Capsulators and encapsulating shrink tunnels.

To properly label and prepare deliveries, we make self-adhesive labellers and fiscal seal labellers; as well as box sealers, automatic boxing machines, palletisers and wrapping machines.