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Cordero Maquinaria

About us and our workshops



Maquinaria Cordero is specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of bottling lines. In our beginnings, in the 70s, we developed machinery for wineries in La Rioja.

Over time, we have been specializing in bottling lines, completing our catalog with depalletizers, mini-depalletizers, pull loaders-unloaders, accumulation tables, cork elevators, shrink tunnels...

Currently we have expanded our scope of activity to different Denominations of the peninsula and the main European markets.




Our workshops are located in large pavilions located in Alberite, a few kilometers from the capital of La Rioja, Logroño, where we design and manufacture all the bottling machinery that is installed in our clients' plants.

We have a design department, stainless steel welding, CNR cutting as well as the installation of pneumatic processes in our machinery.

At Maquinaria Cordero we attach great importance to the quality of the materials we work with, which is why we continually evaluate them before they are used to guarantee total quality control of our bottling machinery.



Our company manufactures some of the best Depalletizers on the market, as well as Filling Capping machines as well as Capping machines. It has also specialized in making bottle rinsers, bottle washer dryers and sterilizers.

To complete its bottling line, Cordero also manufactures capsule distributors, capping machines, and shrink-wrapping and encapsulation tunnels.

In order to correctly label and prepare your shipments, it makes self-adhesive labeling machines and labeling machines for fiscal seals; also box sealing machines, automatic boxers, automatic palletizers and automatic wrappers.



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